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Guest Posts now accepted on Geek Upd8

Guest Posts now accepted on Geek Upd8 : Your Chance to Get Featured Guest Posts were recently allowed on Geek Upd8, as a measure to let the experienced readers community of G8 Network Blogs express themselves in a more splendid way. We have been online since long, and this journey have been amazing so far in terms of traffic and revenue growth. But still with the passage of time and growing reader base, sometimes it becomes hard to reply and communicate with all readers and to cover all the topics. We were not officially accepting guest posts so far, and thus today,  we invite all of our loyal readers open heatedly to this platform, who have the writing skills and who wish to be heard by real people, to come and submit your articles to Geek Upd8.

          As you are reading this, we suppose that you are interested in being a guest author. So it's the right time to have an overview of this website, through the Geek Upd8 Timeline.

Guest Posting Conditions and Guidelines

  1. For now our two channels have been opened up for guest posting, which are :
    (a). Geek Upd8 - Technology Blog and (b). Geek Upd8 - Law Reporter
    You can send us your article related to these weblogs.
  2. Geek Upd8 is here because of the uniqueness, that we have since the starting. Having said that, the first conditions is the uniqueness of the articles that you are going to submit us. Duplicate articles that are already published on any website won't be accepted. Please note that, in case you would be proving us such articles your future submissions will not be considered.
  3. The minimum length of the articles should be 600 words.
  4. The topics that are already covered will not be accepted.
  5. We accept articles only in English language.
  6. Authors will be granted an external link to their homepage.
  7. Authors are required to submit their image that can be added to their article in the author related information section.
  8. The Author will be responsible for the content of his/her article. Geek Upd8 website cannot be held responsible for the content of the article.
In case, you meet with all the above said guidelines, you are welcome to submit your article. Please note that the final decision about the publishing of the articles will be of the website editor. In case any changes are required in the article, they will be discussed with the author before publishing the article.
             Even though every care is taken by the editor before publishing of the article, the responsibility for the content of the article will be of the author of that particular article.

How to Submit the Article ?

We are sure that by now you have made up your mind to write for G8 Network Blogs. Your articles will be reviewed by our editorial staff to match quality guidelines. Kindly forward your articles to us at Once your article is approved, it will be published within no time. Please make sure to share your article with your friends and circles on and off the web.

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The Geek Upd8 Timeline

The Geek Upd8 Timeline (recording all the updates & changes)

The Geek Upd8 Timeline

This is our very own timeline (you may call it changelog as well). All the updates or changes that are made to Geek Upd8 network of blogs can be found here. So stay tuned.

November 8' 2011

Geek Upd8 came into existence, with a view to spread the knowledge and do something different that others are not doing. After all being unique is what can get you real success.

November 13' 2011

The Geek Upd8 - Technology blog was added to the Geek Upd8 network of blogs. This addition brought a real big web traffic hike, as this tech blog got popular with short time.

November 17' 2011

Another channel came into existence, called Geek Upd8 - Templates Store, where a large number of blogger templates have been added. This store have got famous for proving  premium quality templates for free.

April 20' 2012

Geek Upd8 - Jobs Board was added to the group, proving latest jobs with complete details and procedures, to help you get the jobs.

October 10' 2012

We added Geek Upd8 - Law Reporter to the G8 Network. This blog aims on providing valuable law related content to readers along with free legal opinion.

wikipedia logo November 25' 2012

Link back to the article "The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 CrPC (India)" on Geek Upd8 - Law Reporter was added on Wikipedia.Org. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, with a PR9. Link from wikipedia is like a treasure for a website.
Update: We found more than 5 incoming links from Wikipedia to Geek Upd8 as on January 16' 2013.

internet archive - wayback machine December 6' 2012

Internet Archive WayBack Machine crawled the complete site (including all sub-domains). It is worth to be mentioned here that does not crawls all websites. It have criteria's to select high quality websites, that are eligible for getting indexed in their database.

January 9' 2013

Our web traffic reached to a new level in context to our Technology Blog & Law Reporter. We recorded  highest traffic today with 13,336 pageviews and 7759 unique visitors.
Geek Upd8 Web Traffic reports made public

January 24' 2013

After the News of the rolling out of Google Panda Algorithm (24) has been out on internet, the blogosphere seems to have charged up. News are coming for the rise and declines in the web traffic graphs. We here are making another mark in our timeline, confirming that this Panda have brought us more organic greenery :p on the Google SERP's with a large number of keywords for which our rankings have got even better.

March 22' 2013

Ever since Geek Upd8 - Law Reporter was started, we have been continuously getting emails from our readers for getting our legal opinion through internet. As till today we have not mentioned anywhere on the website that we provide free legal advice, the emails that we used to get mostly contained vague queries with less details. Keeping in view our readers interests, we have officially started the Free Legal Advice program on Geek Upd8, details of which can be found here :
Free Legal Advice, Consultation, Aid, Help, Service, Assistance, Support from G8 Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys
Stay updated about this topic with using our feed :
 RSS feedGoogle Reader or by creating a bookmark for

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Advertise with us on Geek Upd8 Network Blogs

promote-yourself-on-geekupd8-journal-technology-law-templates-jobsGeekUpd8 is the preferred journal with technology, templates, law and job alerts, keeping thousands of technology enthusiasts, bloggers, designers, lawyers and youth readers updated, thus making it an ideal place for you to showcase the best of your products, services and much more under a common network hood. We provide advertisement proposals at reasonable prices, and at times free* as well.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Are you a Lawyer ? Register on G8 Lawyers Web Directory to reach clients on Web

Are you a lawyerAre you a Lawyer ? In case you are here for getting registered for the G8 Lawyers Directory, please fill in the form below and let us know about you in brief. Once we received your details and they are verified consider yourself a part of G8 Lawyers Web Directory. We'll contact you to further update your profile on the directory.
Benefits of registering on G8 Lawyers:
1. Ofcourse this wil benefit your web presence.
2. Your clients would be able to reach you easily by searching your name on Google, Yahoo etc.
3. Today web presence matters alot, so being available online, your popularity graph is sure to go high.
4. And last but not the least, unlike most of other business listings on web or lawyers directory, we are free. So fill the form and hit send button.

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Monday, 7 May 2012

G8 Lawyers - A Global Lawyers Web Directory by Geek Upd8

G8 Lawyers Web Directory LogoG8 Lawyers is a web based lawyers directory listing attorneys from across the globe. This project was initiated by the founder of Geek Upd8, Puneet Batish in 2012. In todays era, the web presence is something which just can't be ignored. If you are not available online that means you are missing a chance to be found by thousands.

It has been found by studies that personal names are searched more than million times on Google each day which not only includes the celebrity names but names of you and me. Keeping in view many brands have launched paid services that aim to help you make your web presence, and as i said paid, so they do charge for this. Here comes the role of Geek Upd8. Many times people are not interested to pay, well no worries till we are free. So now as you know what web presence could get you, go ahead in case you really are serious about all this stuff.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Connect with Geek Upd8 on Social Web

Geek Upd8 supporting crowdGeek Upd8 have been growing tremendously since 2009 (earlier known as Htda, which is now growing as a G8 tech project) as we emerged as a full fledged resource website from a niche blog, along with that there are many changes in the topics we cover as well as the way our readers communicate with us.

For now you can find Geek Upd8 in 4 Main Channels + our evergreen tech project htda: Technology, Blogger, Law Updates & Jobs Alerts each having a set of sub-topics such as social-media, google-updates, facebook-twitter; almost all possible categories of templates; Indian laws, H1-B visas, courts, procedures, legal resources; hottest geeky jobs, India based jobs, US based jobs, government jobs etc respectively.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

About Us - The G8 Lawyers & Bloggers Team

GeekUpd8GeekUpd8 is the one of the few independent website dedicated only to legal news, information and resources for the connected generation. GeekUpd8 reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.

We are here for delivering Latest digital, legal, social media, tech and mobile news, and proud to be one of the top resources and guides for this digital culture.

About the Founder

Personal Life
Puneet Batish Advocate at Chandigarh Punjab
Puneet Batish (Punjabi: ਪੁਨੀਤ ਬਾਤਿਸ਼, Hindi: पुनीत बातीश) was born on June 7, 1987 at Bhikhi, a small town in the State of Punjab in India. He did his schooling from various cities across Punjab, and moved to Chandigarh for his graduation in field of Bioinformatics. His father a Punjab Government Gazetted Officer, runs an Import-Export Business after retirement and mother a house maker. Since childhood he was a ambitious person and had an immense interest in Judicial System, aiming to become a successful Advocate. After completing his Grad he went abroad for sometime. He also holds a certification of Network Engineer from Microsoft popularly known as MCSE. His ambition made him study law and soon he completed his (LL.B) law degree

Career as an Innovative Lawyer
At the initial stage of his legal career, being a tech savvy, he registered a domain called with an idea of doing something innovative in the field of law. He got registered as an Advocate in August 2012 in Punjab & Haryana Bar Council, Chandigarh, where he met famous Advocate Sh.Lekhraj Sharma who was President of the Council at that time. His passion for law and social service since his early days made him write about law, upbringing various judgments from which masses can benefit directly.

         His website now not only produces content related to law, which includes latest judgments, legal news, immigration laws, notices, bare acts, law amendments and so on, but also about tech and jobs after a group of like minded people joined him.

         His website turned viral when his web content was mentioned on Wikipedia. He took another leap when he started a unique service in it's own for masses - Free Legal Advice. His facebook page called Advocate where he promoted his free service became popular in no time and acquired thousand of likes in few days. People call at the provided numbers and get legal opinion on their problems in very short time. His initiative was noticed by Economic Times of India and he was telephonically interviewed. His passion grew up with all this appreciation, and he started conducting legal literacy seminars in coordination with the Legal Services Authority, which were again noticed by print media and became highlights in many famous newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Jag Bani, Ajeet, Spokesman and others. He is continuously conducting such legal literacy seminars to educate masses as and when he gets time, where he speaks not only about legal rights and legal aid schemes, but also about the legal duties of advocates towards his clients.

         Some famous personalities namely Nivin Ramani, Meghan Jhadav joined his website as a tech authors. He now works with a group of personalities who have proved themselves in their own respective fields. The list on the end of this page shows their names and other details along with reasons that makes them unique.

         These days he is working on various criminal and civil cases, doing his best efforts to get justice to people associated with him as his clients and at the same time is also involved in providing free legal advice to masses not only from India, but also from foreign countries like US, UK, Brazil, Holland, Australia and so on. His continuous efforts and services at his level have helped people to get justice and to make them aware about their legal rights, and this established Batish's image as People's Lawyer.

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