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Guest Posts now accepted on Geek Upd8 : Your Chance to Get Featured

Guest Posts were recently allowed on Geek Upd8, as a measure to let the experienced readers community of G8 Network Blogs express themselves in a more splendid way. We have been online since long, and this journey have been amazing so far in terms of traffic and revenue growth. But still with the passage of time and growing reader base, sometimes it becomes hard to reply and communicate with all readers and to cover all the topics. We were not officially accepting guest posts so far, and thus today,  we invite all of our loyal readers open heatedly to this platform, who have the writing skills and who wish to be heard by real people, to come and submit your articles to Geek Upd8.

The Geek Upd8 Timeline (recording all the updates & changes)

The Geek Upd8 Timeline

This is our very own timeline (you may call it changelog as well). All the updates or changes that are made to Geek Upd8 network of blogs can be found here. So stay tuned.

November 8' 2011

Geek Upd8 came into existence, with a view to spread the knowledge and do something different that others are not doing. After all being unique is what can get you real success.

November 13' 2011

The Geek Upd8 - Technology blog was added to the Geek Upd8 network of blogs. This addition brought a real big web traffic hike, as this tech blog got popular with short time.

November 17' 2011

Another channel came into existence, called Geek Upd8 - Templates Store, where a large number of blogger templates have been added.

promote-yourself-on-geekupd8-journal-technology-law-templates-jobsGeekUpd8 is the preferred journal with technology, templates, law and job alerts, keeping thousands of technology enthusiasts, bloggers, designers, lawyers and youth readers updated, thus making it an ideal place for you to showcase the best of your products, services and much more under a common network hood. We provide advertisement proposals at reasonable prices, and at times free* as well.

Are you a lawyer
Are you a Lawyer ? In case you are here for getting registered for the G8 Lawyers Directory, please fill in the form below and let us know about you in brief. Once we received your details and they are verified consider yourself a part of G8 Lawyers Web Directory. We'll contact you to further update your profile on the directory.

Benefits of registering on G8 Lawyers:

1. Ofcourse this wil benefit your web presence.
2. Your clients would be able to reach you easily by searching your name on Google, Yahoo etc.
3. Today web presence matters alot, so being available online, your popularity graph is sure to go high.
4. And last but not the least, unlike most of other business listings on web or lawyers directory, we are free. So fill the form and hit send button.

G8 Lawyers Web Directory LogoG8 Lawyers is a web based lawyers directory listing attorneys from across the globe. This project was initiated by the founder of Geek Upd8, Puneet Batish Advocate in 2012. In todays era, the web presence is something which just can't be ignored. If you are not available online that means you are missing a chance to be found by thousands.

It has been found by studies that personal names are searched more than million times on Google each day which not only includes the celebrity names but names of you and me. Keeping in view many brands have launched paid services that aim to help you make your web presence, and as i said paid, so they do charge for this. Here comes the role of Geek Upd8. Many times people are not interested to pay, well no worries till we are free. So now as you know what web presence could get you, go ahead in case you really are serious about all this stuff.

Geek Upd8 supporting crowdGeek Upd8 have been growing tremendously since 2009 (earlier known as Htda, which is now growing as a G8 tech project) as we emerged as a full fledged resource website from a niche blog, along with that there are many changes in the topics we cover as well as the way our readers communicate with us.

For now you can find Geek Upd8 in 4 Main Channels + our evergreen Law Reporter, Technology, Blogger & Jobs Alerts each having a set of sub-topics such as criminal defense laws, civil litigation laws, latest judgments from Supreme Court and 24 High Courts of India, Immigration laws, Legal How To's, legal resources for lawyers and law students;  social-media, google-updates, facebook-twitter; almost all possible categories of templates; hottest geeky jobs, India based jobs, US based jobs, government jobs etc respectively.

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