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With passage of time, there have been changes in the way readers read our content, as a large chunk of readers read GeekUpd8 content by visiting website or subscribing to our feeds, others prefer to read the latest judgments on social media websites like facebook, twitter, google+. So stay subscribed to GeekUpd8

Geek Upd8 supporting crowdGeek Upd8 have been growing tremendously since 2009 (earlier known as Htda, which is now growing as a G8 tech project) as we emerged as a full fledged resource website from a niche blog, along with that there are many changes in the topics we cover as well as the way our readers communicate with us.

For now you can find Geek Upd8 in 4 Main Channels + our evergreen Law Reporter, Technology, Blogger & Jobs Alerts each having a set of sub-topics such as criminal defense laws, civil litigation laws, latest judgments from Supreme Court and 24 High Courts of India, Immigration laws, Legal How To's, legal resources for lawyers and law students;  social-media, google-updates, facebook-twitter; almost all possible categories of templates; hottest geeky jobs, India based jobs, US based jobs, government jobs etc respectively.

With this there have been changes in the way readers read our content, as a large chunk of readers read G8 content by visiting website or subscribing to G8 feed, others prefer to read the G8 News on social media websites like facebook, twitter, google+ now a days. So here are the ways you can subscribe to G8 news.

[tab] [content icon="facebook" title="  Facebook"]Advocate page which contains stuff related to lawand nothing else, including latest judgments and information useful for lawyers and law students - 24k+ followers

High Court Judgments Here you will get judgments from all the 24 High Courts of India, ranging from as old as 1950's to the latest - 20k+ followers

Supreme Court Judgments Page dedicated to the updates from Court rooms of Supreme Court of India. Covering judgments from 1950 to latest - 44k+ followers[/content] [content icon="twitter" title="  Twitter"]GeekUpd8 Twitter Handle dedicated to our three channels with  2.6k+ followers so far and counting[/content] [content icon="google-plus" title="  Google+"]Puneet Batish Advocate Google+ profile of the founder of GeekUpd8 3.6k+ followers[/content] [content icon="pinterest" title="  Pinterest"]Our Pins on Pinterest Our official Pinterest profile. Share your pins with us 1.2k+ followers[/content] [content icon="paper-plane-o" title="  Email"]Inbox Us An easy way to get our updates directly in your inbox, without worrying about spam. We have 58k+ email subscribers already and the list is increasing every second. 58k+ followers[/content] [content icon="skype" title="  Skype"]You can add us on your skype for leaving a message or placing a call for your legal queries 24x7. Our Skype id is "GeekUpd8"[/content] [content icon="youtube" title="  YouTube"]Geek Upd8 VideosWe are continuously doing efforts to update our subscribers with latest content, whether it be our content channels or youtube. Stay subscribed and keep watching 1.2k+ followers[/content] [/tab]

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