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G8 Lawyers Web Directory LogoG8 Lawyers is a web based lawyers directory listing attorneys from across the globe. This project was initiated by the founder of Geek Upd8, Puneet Batish Advocate in 2012. In todays era, the web presence is something which just can't be ignored. If you are not available online that means you are missing a chance to be found by thousands.

It has been found by studies that personal names are searched more than million times on Google each day which not only includes the celebrity names but names of you and me. Keeping in view many brands have launched paid services that aim to help you make your web presence, and as i said paid, so they do charge for this. Here comes the role of Geek Upd8. Many times people are not interested to pay, well no worries till we are free. So now as you know what web presence could get you, go ahead in case you really are serious about all this stuff.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is there any registration fee?
A. No, we are free.

Q. How will you collect data for making my profile?
A. In case you already have a website (not facebook, twitter), we can collect data from there, otherwise you can click on the link above "Create My Profile" and follow the instructions on the next pages.

Q. How will people reach me on web through you ?
A. As you register with us, we'll verify you information and create your profile. As soon your profile will be created on Geek Upd8, anyone can search your profile on Google, Yahoo etc. This is called vanity search.

Q. What data you need for starting the process ?
A. For a start all we need is your email, and a short bio. Just let us know who you are, where you did law studies, and where you are practicing. Later on we'll contact you to verify your profile.

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